Environmental Aspects

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Environmental impact of Seawater Desalination Plants

I.S. Al-Mutaz

Pollutants from Desalination Plants

Thermal Impact

Air Pollution Problem

Pollutants Emitted from Power Plants

Methods of Air Pollution Control at the Power Plant

Pollution from the Jeddah Desalination Plant

Environmental Impacts of Intakes and Outfalls

Marinus Vis

Types of Impacts

Impacts of Specific Coastal Ecosystems

Chemical Hazards in Seawater Desalination By the MultiStage-Flash Evaporation Technique

A.M. Shams El Din

Seawater Chlorination

Scaling and Anti-Scale Agents

Acid Wash of Distillers

Air Oxygen

Anti-Corrosion Agents

Impact of Seawater Desalination on the Environment

Oil Dispersants

Water Conditioning

The Plight of Potable & Usable Water - Pollution, Health Hazards, Environmental Threats & Abatement

Rajeswari Padmasola, née Ganti,

Some Physical Properties of Water

Some Chemical Properties of Water

Sources of Water

Degradation of Water Quality

Water Quality Criteria for Domestic Use

Toxicity of Pollutants

Pathogenic Pollution

Water Treatment

Sustainable Development, Water Resources and Desalination

Andrew P. Sage

Sustainable development

Sustainability Needs and Natural Resources in the World

Contemporary Sustainability Threats and Associated Needs

Information and Knowledge Imperfections, and Sustainability

Industrial Ecology, Water Resources and Desalination

Andrew P. Sage

Agenda 21 and the need for systems Engineering and Industrial ecology

Standards and Sustainable Water Resource and Desalination Efforts

Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development

Water, Desalination, and Sustainability

Integration of systems engineering and Industrial Ecology constructs with Water Resources and Desalination Applications