Plant Operation, Maintenance And Management

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Operation of a Desalination Plant

A. Al Radif

Evaporation Process

Multi-stage Flash Desalination Process

Seawater Supply System

Seawater recirculation system

Feed makeup water system

Brine blow down system

Vacuum raising and maintaining system

Brine recirculation system

Anti-scale dosing system

Condensate flow from brine heater

Distillate System

Plant Loading

Planning, Management , Operation & Maintenance of Desalination Plants

Tom Temperley

Planning a Desalination Project

Plant Operation

Plant Operation & Maintenance Procedures

Chemical Control & Treatment

Safety Aspects of Operation and Maintenance Procedures

Corporate Operation & Maintenance Procedure and Quality Control


Accident Preventation in Desalination Plants

V.K. Handa

Accident prevention programme

Human factor disciplines

Human behaviour

Integrating human factor theory

Demand Assessment and the Supply / Demand Balance

P. R. Chadwick

Present Water Balance

Future Water demand Assessment

Peak Demand Assessment

Sensitivity Analysis

Elasticity of Demand

Monitoring Historical Demand Assessments

The Supply/Demand Balance

Process Selection

O.J. Morin

Source Water


Energy supply alternatives

Brine disposal alternatives

Post treatment

Process design an cost criteria

Process alternatives studies

Process evaluation and selection


Main and Subcontractor

C. Sommariva

Definition of the Interfaces

Interface with Power Plant

Project Design Concept

R.K. Verma and H.K. Sadhukhan

Organizational set up for the project design phase

Time schedule

Input information needed during design phase

Specific details to formulate design concept (MSF type plants)

Specific details to formulate design concept (RO type plants)

Contract Makeup

R.K. Verma and H.K. Sadhukhan

Turnkey contract

Multiple contracts

Planning, Scheduling and Progress Measurement

J. Andrianne

N. McArthur

Planning and scheduling principles

Progress calculation methods

Planning and scheduling control


The Desalination Project

N. McArthur

Phase I: Project Feasibility Assessment

Financial Engineering

Phase II:- Project Design and Procurement

Phase III : Contract Phase:-