Water Sciences and Technology Resources

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The Hydrological Cycle and Human Impact on it

Lev S. Kuchment

The Terrestrial Hydrological Cycle

The Global Hydrological Cycle

Fresh Surface Water

J.C.I. Dooge

Liquid Water on Planet Earth

Availability of Water

Water Use and the Environment

Topics on Fresh Surface Water

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Eduard G. Novitsky

Ruslan Kh. Khamizov

Water quality regulations and standards

Sources and types of polluting substances in natural and waste water

Methods for treatment of natural water

Waste water treatment

Processing of wastewater sludge

Waste Water Recycling, Reuse, and Reclamation

S. Vigneswaran

M. Sundaravadivel

Wastewater Recycling and Reuse: The Concept

Sources of Water Pollution

Management of Water Quality

Types of Wastewater Reuse

Cleaner Industrial Production through Recycling and Reuse

Water Treatment for Drinking Water Supplies: A Reuse Strategy

Future Challenges of Providing High Quality Water

Jo-Ansie van Wyk

Richard Meissner

Hannatjie Jacobs

Global and Regional Freshwater Resources

Emerging Global Patterns in the Provision of High Quality Water

Global Awareness of the Challenges to Provide High Quality Water

The Role of Global Governance Agencies in the Provision of High Quality Water

Increased Private Sector Involvement in the Provision of High Quality Water

The Role of Selected Global Social Movements

The Development and Expansion of International Law

Global Water Values

Water and International Security

The Use of Internet and Technology

Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

Demographics and Water Availability and Demand


G. P. Rao

B. Makkawi

A. Woldai

R. J. Hornby

D. Al-Gobaisi

Humanity's need for energy

Physical concepts of energy

Nonrenewable energy sources

The earth's resources of renewable energy

Basic concepts of energy

Thermal energy systems

Hydrogen energy systems

Magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) generator

Water - A Common Substance with Uncommon Properties

B. Makkawi

G. P. Rao

A. Woldai

D. Al-Gobaisi

What is water?

Origin of water and the oceans on the earth'

Properties of water

Molecular structure of water

Hydrogen bond

SI Units and Some Conversion Factors

A. Woldai

B. Makkawi

D. Al-Gobaisi

Names and symbols for basic SI units

Special names and symbols for derived SI units

Prefixes for SI units

Conversion Factors

Standard Seawater

Physical properties of water

Global Information and Data on Water Resources

Bushara M. Ahmed

North America (USA and Canada)

West Asia


Asia and the pacific

Europe and CIS countries

Latin America and the Caribbean

Overview of the Encyclopedia of Desalination and Water Resources

Darwish Al-Gobaisi

The availability of water

Small Scale desalination

Industrial Process of Desalination Water

Global Production of Desalinated Water

Energy Requirements of Desalination Processes

Sustainable Development

Renewable Energy Base of the World

Emerging Technologies

Industrial Ecology

Water Science and Technology : History and Future

James Dooge

The Ancient World

Medieval Europe

The High Renaissance

The Nineteenth Century

The Twentieth Century

The Future

Groundwater in Arid and Semiarid Regions

J.W. Lloyd

Groundwater Recharge

Hydro geological Domains

Groundwater resources understanding

Current and future groundwater supplies

Potable Water

S. Pagliara

D. Dazzini

Potable Water Supply

Urban Water Use

Wastewater Impact

Rural and Urban Water supply and Sanitation

Yasumoto Magara


Social Aspects

Economic and Financing

Community Participation


Water Supply and Sanitation Technology

Yasumoto Magara

Water supply technologies

Sanitation technologies

Stepwise improvement planning

Social Aspects

Yasumoto Magara

Priority of water supply and sanitation

Institutional development

Environmental consideration in development projects

Economics and Financing

Yasumoto Magara

Development cost of water supply and sanitation

Economic analysis

Financial analysis

System selection

Community Participation

Yasumoto Magara

Role of Community Participation

Environmental Education and Women in Development

Degree of Community Participation

Cost Shearing


Yasumoto Magara

Waterborne infectious diseases

Global statistics

Pathogenic organisms